Saturday, May 4, 2013

The passing of Jeff Hanneman and the future of Slayer

 Passing of a legend-

May 2nd shall forever be a day of remembrance for those of us in the metal community Jeff Hanneman founding member and guitarist for Slayer passed away at the age of 49. Perhaps one of the most underrated members of the band . Jeff wrote some of the sickest riffs in metal and slayer classics such as War Ensemble, South of Heaven, Raining Blood, Angel of Death, Mandatory Suicide, and Seasons in the Abyss. He contributed lyrics for every Slayer album and had a music/lyric partnership with Tom Araya that sometimes overshadowed Kerry Kings creative input in the band. I had the chance to see Slayer live twice once at Mayhem 2009 & when they were on the American Carnage Tour with Megadeth, and Testament. Watching Jeff Hanneman shred was one of the major highlights of those shows he loved what he did and his gas meter was at full each time. According to the reports i have read online the cause of his unexpected death was liver failure which sounds like it could have been caused from Necrotizing facitis or flesh eating disease which he caught from a spider bite in early 2011. This would see him out of the band for the next couple of years his spot would be filled by Exodus guitarist Gray Holt who would later be replaced by Pat O'Brien when Holt left to play with Exodus. Sadly  on May 2nd Jeff died near his home in Southern California, in a local LA hospital. Countless musicians and bands in the metal community showed their support and saddness at the passing of such a legend. It goes to show how tight the metal community is . Jeff Hanneman influenced many musicians in the metal scene and the music that he helped bring to life will continue to do so for years to come. Like Ronnie James Dio, Cliff Burton, Dimebag Darrell, Chuck Schuldiner, Clive Burr, Randy Rhoads, Paul Baloff, Cody Smoot, and many others, and his music and memory shall live forever in the hearts of those he helped inspire, those who knew and loved him, and the fans all over the world. 

The future of Slayer-

A big question that I'm sure is on everyone's mind the last few days is what lays ahead for Slayer?  As many know Slayer has been struggling with internal disputes over the last few months Dave Lombardo got sidelined in February 20th on the band's Australia tour of course Jeff Hanneman was not in the band due to his medical issues, leaving Kerry King and Tom Araya as the only original members of the band present on the tour. This caused many of the fan base to question the life left in the band commenting all over Facebook with such things as " RIP Slayer, Slayers dead etc. Now with the passing and the status of Dave in the band not known the question can be asked can Slayer last much longer as is? I personally doubt it because back in 2009 when World Painted Blood came out the band said they would produce two more albums before throwing in the towel. The Death of Jeff might be the trigger that blows out of the camels back before anyone takes this personal and might feel the need to attack me for this statement pay attention. Slayer has been going since 1981 they have released some of the greatest metal in history 10 albums and influenced so many of the bands we have come to know and love. It's no shame that they might be at the end of the road seeing how they have talked before about retirement not from music but from Slayer. I'm not sure how i would feel about a new Slayer album without Hanneman it really depends who the fill in or replacement would be. We will just have to wait for time to pass and healing to be done but whatever they choose I shall have my metal horns high and flag of Slayer raised, and I hope that you all do the same. Slayer has earned their place in the hall of the metal gods.   

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